Ai  Content: 
Thanks to the Rise of Ai Illustrations, many artist are beginning to feel the pain that they are being replaced just like how the iphone has done. Ai has taken over industries such as: Translators, Scriptwriters, Deep fakes, CODING (yes they are now taking over coders job thanks to Chatbot), Essay writing, Law firms, Artists and illustrators. It will get much worse as Google is now making Imagen Video where ai is doing cinematography.
As you are aware, The difference on PROMPTED by and By is that because an artist’s work put so much hours and effort, they have the right to full say that they accomplished something astonishing.
Whereas PROMPTED by means it takes hours to make a full complete and unique figure in just a few tapped messages, THEY DO get credit for their hard efforts, but it isn’t the same when learning years of study of an actual drawing. “Prompted by”  is a meaning for me to say “you have credit, but it is only half thanks to the AI doing the most work on attempts that “you want”

as of now, we are no longer in the info age, but the age of knowledge.